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August 30, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

Heard this timely song today.

September morn. Like, morning...but also mourning, man. You see the old double dose of meaning Neil's slinging? Two important points. 1). This song gives me the howling fantods whenever I hear it why the fuck did I decide to go to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy a new shower curtain at that exact time and 2). I simply disagree with ND's grandiose display of seasonal melancholy on this somehow still inescapable song.

This is hardly the time to get sad about everything we've lost this summer because September is the best month of the entire year. It's true. And we've still got some time before everything turns to shit for seemingly the rest of our lives.

Since we're wasting time together anyway like old friends sometimes do, here's a good story. My dad works security at concerts in his post-retirement days at places like the United Center in Chicago and he recently did a Neil Diamond show where Neil (being Neil) said to the crowd of aging Aunt Janets something along the lines of "I love you. I'd go out there and kiss all of you but I'd be torn to shreds."

Hahahaha. Oh, Neil.

(for another good story my dad tells about The Beatles read this whopper)

Anyway, enough about Neil Diamond he has nothing to do with anything who even brought him up. Let's now talk about the good shows happening this first week of September if you still feel up to it, but if you want to cut this short and go procrastinate on some other blob instead that's totally cool by me. All chill. Either way.

MONDAY - AUGUST 31, 2015 A.D.

Speedy Ortiz is a good band and are worth a helluva lot more than 5 bucks. However, that's all you have to pay to see them at Saint Vitus tonight. Here's the thing, though. It's sold-out. Because who wouldn't want to pay 5 bucks to see Speedy Ortiz at Saint Vitus? It's all one big circle, man.

Funny as fuck comedian Eddie Izzard shreds a set at The Capitol Theatre. Please enjoy watching his classic "yes and no" bit below. In less than one minute your day could turn around and start heading to wherever you want it to be. I'm serious (obviously, I'm not serious). But seriously, though (no but really I'm joking). Seriously. I have no idea. It's true. But obviously not true. No clue.

Other notable shows = Wyatt Cenac and friends at Littlefield


Tuesday - September 1, 2015 A.D.

London's The Vaccines play two shows at Rough Trade tonight and they've been a good jingle jangle band for a pretty long time (see formula: 5 band years = 35 human years) but not long enough for me to not misspell Vaccines every time I talk about them. I can never remember if it's one c and two n's or vice versa and it's the vice versa of whatever i choose that always seems to be correct. Anyway, two Vaccines shows at Rough Trade today. Yay!

The Studio at Webster Hall is part of something called "Summer's End Music Fest" and I'm not going to get sad about it. Summer had its time but now September has the floor. I talked about this a great deal in the intro. Remember? Neil Diamond? September Morn? That's OK. It doesn't matter. Ricky Eat Acid + Ed Schrader's Music Beat lead a pretty dope lineup featuring your next favorite lo-fi heroes and future all-star bands of tomorrow. See ya, summer. You had a good run. Once again, I'm not sad.

Washer and Downies are two punk bands playing Silent Barn who both happen to be good. So they should have a lot to chat about in between their respective sets. Vagabon and Slight also play but I haven't listened to them yet but I will. Tell me not my faults for I already know them.

One final thought for tonight. At Palisades there's a band called I Tried To Run Away When I Was Six and another band playing called Free Cake For Every Creature. Just wanted to let you know.

Other notable shows = Grooms at Shea Stadium + Jen Kirkman at Bowery Ballroom + Cult of Luna at Gramercy Theatre



Pill has great sax. Along with the guitar and bass and drums and stuff, the skittish punks will show Elvis Guesthouse* how well they can blow tonight so don't miss it. Especially if you like watching great sax. RIP, Oliver Sacks.

*this spot is where Elvis disguised as an old man sometimes hangs with Tupac who's disguised like his grandma... it's totally true… I read it on a screen

What Moon Things play Shea Stadium and way back on November 18, 2014 I said (and I quote... myself), "They make romantically tragic post-something ramshackle punk that flies and dives and swoops and steers and just might drop down into the distorted crevice of your indie rock loving heart." God that's great. How the hell I got a C+ for that I will never fucking understand.

Also, this band The Love Supreme play Brooklyn Bowl and I don't know who that is but it gives me an excuse to post A Love Supreme because it's sort of related and it's a really slow Wednesday night and man could that Coltrane cat blow.

Other notable shows = Nothing (not the band Nothing just like the space in between something)



There's another free (w/ RSVP) House of Vans show tonight and if it's not the last one of these this summer (not sad) it's pretty damn well close. Wikipedia had no idea. This one's got Ghostface Killah + GZA + Joey Bada$ and conveniently posted below (by me) is the best scene from 2003's Coffee & Cigarettes.

"And you're Bill Murray. Groundhog Day Ghost Bustin' Ass Bill Murray."

The excellent Widowspeak celebrate the release of their excellent new album on a boat tonight. Not a little tiny one that Mac DeMarco plays his songs in or anything like that (when he's not eating popcorn and playing Jenga with Shamir). I'm talking like a cruise, man. God, September rules. Speaking of good black and white movies….

"When they asked Greta Garbo why she chose to live in New York City she said that New York was the only place where she could be alone."

But I'm distracting you from peeping this new Widowspeak song which is much more important for our purposes here today than reflecting on how good that 17-year-old documentary The Cruise was.

Germans play early (7 PM) at Pianos. Remember this big time Germans jam because I SURE DO. #bigtimejam

(If 7 PM is a tad too early for you to make this one because you'll be coming directly from work and you work like a dog because management is insane I have some good news. In all my years in the music blobbing game I don't think I've ever been to a show at Pianos that actually started on time.)

Other notable shows = Old Man Gloom at Saint Vitus + Dope Body/PC Worship/Pill at Aviv



The second to last of the free shows at The Surf Lodge happens today with Joy Formidable. I have lived in NYC 15 years and still have never been to Montauk. Maybe today's finally the day I change all that, but nah…. probably not. I got me no wheels, son. For graduation I asked for a car and got a computer instead.

Aziz Ansari and Amy Schumer headline a haha show at Jones Beach - a place I HAVE been - once. Did you know Aziz used to subscribe to our weekly upcoming shows email back when he lived in NYC and then he moved to LA and got real famous and I don't think he signed up again even though we cover LA too? That's just the way it goes. I know how it is. It's like I barely even talk to my non-famous friends anymore. Please note: Aziz also headlines tomorrow at PNC Bank Arts Center in New Jersey but no matter who was playing you can never feel cool going to a venue that calls itself PNC Bank Arts Center.

Against Me! play tonight and it's only $3 due to one of those Red Bull Sound Select jobs. But hang on to your pants because a.) it's at the Stone Pony and that's in New Jersey which many of you might deem "too far" even though cheap and easy mass transportation is a thing that's already been invented and b.) the RSVP list might already be closed I'm not sure you'll have to see for yourself because I'm not going to sign up for an account just find out for you.

Other notable shows = Old Man Gloom at Saint Vitus + Prince Rama at Palisades + Clarkand Heathered Pearls at Good Room



The great Swervedriver play tonight. The first time I ever saw this band was in 1993 when they opened for Smashing Pumpkins. Here's that really good story. But if you prefer not to laugh at my past I highly suggest you instead use the time to get yourself ready to go to Bowery Ballroom and you can start by cleaning your shoes since everyone will be staring at them during this one.

The Antlers play Bearsville Theater in Woodstock, NY. Have I ever been to Woodstock? I have not. But the name sounds familiar. Please note: this show is also featured on the Summer Getaway Guides we made for you. Please note #2: there's not that many shows to getaway to because summer is almost over. I'm totally not sad. The world is dew, is made of dew, and yet….and yet...

Speaking of that, the last MoMA Summer Warm Up happens today. Alright, now I'm getting a little sad. "All Nature seems at work; slugs leave their lair, The bees are stirring; birds are on the wing, And winter, slumbering in the open air, Wears on his smiling face a dream of spring; And I, the while, the sole unbusy thing, Nor honey make, nor pair, nor build, nor sing." - Samuel Taylor Coleride (but it was also in Groundhog Day featuring Ghost Bustin' Ass Bill Murray)

Other notable shows = Teengirl Fantasy at Palisades + Whiskey Bitches at (le) poisson rouge + Wild Belle at The Surf Lodge



Tee Pee Records presents "Cosmic Sonic Rendezvous" at The Wick tonight and bands like Witch and The Bevis Frond our playing. You bring enough sweetness to share and I'll bring my airtight scientific opinions about the illusion of both space and time that will blow your fucking mind, man.

Bass Drum of Death play Baby's All Right. In the meantime, go ahead and rip this.


Other notable shows = _________ at ______________ + ___________ at _________ + the mighty return of __________ (!) at ___________ HOLY __________!


But back to Neil Diamond. I never got into him. How about you?

What's your take on it? What can't I hear? Why do you love him so much you would tear him to shreds?

Send me an email or tell me on Twitter or Facebook or something. I'm open to changing my mind.

"The world is dew

is made of dew

and yet....

and yet...."

Just Announced
August 27, 2015


08/27 Beach House, Romantic States @ Baby's All Right

08/29 Special Guest Headliner, Protomartyr, Deradoorian @ Villain

09/01 Mainland, Little Racer, Yabadum @ Elvis Guesthouse

09/03 Ghostface Killah, GZA, Joey Bada$, DJ Envy @ House of Vans

09/05 Whiskey Bitches, Edith Pop, The Naked Heroes @ (le) poisson rouge

09/08 Mainland, Monograms, The Britanys @ Elvis Guesthouse

09/09 Travi$ Scott @ Gramercy Theatre

09/09 Unstoppable Death Machines, Vulture Shit, Vamanos @ Knitting Factory Brooklyn

09/11 Chris Brokaw, Animal Hospital, Final Boss, Horoscope @ Trans-Pecos

09/11 Dead Heavens @ Union Pool

09/12 Pop. 1280, Pawns, Wrung, Informant @ Palisades

09/12 The Forms, Tomboy (NYC), Nicholas Nicholas @ Riis Park Beach Bazaar

09/12 Turbo Fruits, Pocket Hercules, The Teen Age @ Shea Stadium

09/13 Sir Richard Bishop (of Sun City Girls), Kill Alters, JG Thirlwell (DJ Set), Liturgy @ Trans-Pecos

09/15 Jawbreaker Reunion (calm down, that's the band's name), Blake Schwarzenbach (tee-hee!) @ BSP

09/15 Mainland, The Midnight Hollow, Controller @ Elvis Guesthouse

09/18 PWR BTTM, Charly Bliss, Fern Mayo, Kississippi @ Silent Barn

09/19 Worriers, Arm Candy, Littler, Young Ladies @ Silent Barn

09/20 Glasser, Michael Beharie @ Brooklyn Flea @ 50 Kent

09/20 Hannibal Buress @ Knitting Factory Brooklyn

09/20 Cold Beat, Heaven's Gate, Honey @ Silent Barn

09/22 Air Waves (record release!), Mega Bog, Long Beard, Delicate Steve (DJ Sets) @ Baby's All Right

09/22 Robert DeLong @ Rough Trade

09/25 Dances, Friend Roulette, Zula, Haybaby @ Baby's All Right

09/25 Syvia @ The Grand Victory

09/26 Bellows, Battle Ave, Funeral Advantage, Soft Fangs @ Palisades

09/27 Porches, Adult Mom @ Brooklyn Flea @ 50 Kent

09/27 Ponyhof, Angela Sheik @ Mercury Lounge

09/27 Infinity Girl, Jawbreaker Reunion, Peaer, Perennial Reel, Morus Alba, Bruise, Very Fresh, La Nola, Closet Space, No Friends @ Palisades

09/29 Frank Turner @ Rough Trade

10/01 Matt Kivel, Zachary Cale, Fraternal Twin @ Elvis Guesthouse

10/01 Jeffrey Zeigler, Cibo Matto, Roger Bonair-Agard @ National Sawdust

10/02 Future Punx, Pill, WALL @ ALPHAVILLE.

10/03 Landlady, Cantina, Pavo Pavo @ Union Pool

10/06 Guardian Alien, Jon Mueller, Byron Westbrook @ ALPHAVILLE.

10/06 Everest Cale, Sydney Eloise & The Palms, Doolittle Family, Bonsai @ Cameo Gallery

10/09 The Crystal Method, Pictureplane, A Place Both Wonderful and Strange @ Terminal 5

10/10 Computer Magic @ Baby's All Right

10/10 The Aquabats @ Gramercy Theatre

10/14 Ezra Furman, Juan Wauters, Drinks, Slim Twig, Sheer Agony, Babe Rainbow, Gramma's Boyfriend @ Knitting Factory Brooklyn

10/16 The Men, Destruction Unit, Michael Rault, Celestial Shore, Dirty Ghosts, Beach Baby @ Baby's All Right

10/16 Kamasi Washington @ (le) poisson rouge

10/17 BORNS, Avid Dancer @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

10/19 BORNS, Avid Dancer @ Bowery Ballroom

10/21 Majical Cloudz @ National Sawdust

10/24 Julia Holter @ Rough Trade

10/24 Steve Gunn @ Union Pool

10/28 Big K.R.I.T. @ Highline Ballroom

10/28 AM and Shawn Lee @ Knitting Factory Brooklyn

10/28 Gary Clark Jr. @ Terminal 5

10/31 Wax Idols @ Saint Vitus Bar

11/01 A Silent Film, Flagship @ Bowery Ballroom

11/01 Ben Folds, yMusic @ The Paramount

11/06 A Silent Film, Flagship @ Rough Trade

11/10 Toadies @ City Winery

11/11 The Weeknd, Banks, Travi$ Scott @ Prudential Center

11/12 Beat Connection @ Knitting Factory Brooklyn

11/13 Tushka (Phil Moore of Bowerbirds), Made of Oak (Nick Sanborn of Sylvan Esso) @ Baby's All Right

11/13 Frog Eyes, Leverage Models, Pigeons @ Baby's All Right

11/13 Meg Myers @ Webster Hall

11/14 Elliott Brood @ Mercury Lounge

11/14 Hallelujah the Hills, Wilder Maker @ The Bowery Electric

11/16 Public Image Limited @ Best Buy Theater

11/16 The Weeknd, Banks, Travi$ Scott @ Madison Square Garden

11/17 !!! @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

11/18 The Weeknd, Banks, Travi$ Scott @ Barclays Center

11/18 !!! @ Bowery Ballroom

11/19 Azealia Banks @ Terminal 5

11/20 Joe Jack Talcum (of Dead Milkmen) @ The Grand Victory

11/25 Beat Connection @ Mercury Lounge

12/03 Dinosaur Jr. (performing their debut album) @ Bowery Ballroom

12/03 The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid To Die, TTNG, Brightside (ex-Aqui) @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

12/04 Dinosaur Jr. (performing their debut album) @ Bowery Ballroom

12/05 Dinosaur Jr. (performing their debut album) @ Bowery Ballroom

12/06 Dinosaur Jr. (performing their debut album) @ Bowery Ballroom

12/07 Dinosaur Jr. (performing their debut album) @ Bowery Ballroom

12/08 Dinosaur Jr. (performing their debut album) @ Bowery Ballroom

12/08 Deerhunter, Atlas Sound @ Irving Plaza

12/08 The Paper Kites, Old Man Canyon @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

12/09 Deerhunter, Atlas Sound @ Warsaw

12/16 Mac Miller, Earthgang, Michael Christmas, Remember Music, Cousin Stizz @ Terminal 5

04/14 Underoath @ Best Buy Theater



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Recommended Show
August 27, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

Welp, it's the last week of August and I hope you all are REAL proud of yourselves. Look what you've almost done. You've almost made this fine summer burn into the sun. Congratulations. Hang on to the memories. I hope you made some of them, man. Because pretty soon that's all you'll have of Summer 2015: Happiness Strikes Back. RIP. See you at tha crossroads (so you won't be lonelllllly). #neverforget

*September in NYC is actually the most sublime month in the entire Mayan calendar but don't tell anyone else so we can have this clear blue city all to ourselves during those top tenner type days, OK?

Oh, yeah. Let's talk about the good shows going down this weekend now.

Thursday - August 27, 2015 A.D.

Tim Kasher's other band (besides Cursive) is The Good Life. Formed circa 2000, the Omaha band recently released their first new album in 8 years. It's a Saddle Creek thang. You can hear them play songs from it at Bowery Ballroom tonight.

Windows 98 DJ's at (le) poisson rouge tonight. Windows 98's given name is Win Butler. He's also frontman of a Canadian band whose name escapes me right now. Anyway, you might want to go see him push some buttons, flick some switches, and twiddle some knobs. It'll be a two-hour vinyl set with live percussion. Tuxedos and evening gown dress code appreciated.

The fine singer/songwriter/super smooth beat maker Tei Shi (Brooklyn by way of Buenos Aires) plays a "free" show at MoMA tonight. "Free" is in "quotes" because you have to purchase museum admission to attend this one for "free" and that price is now 25 bones. Let's move on to this week's installment of "When Patrick Worked At MoMA." When I worked at MoMA a lot of people gave celebs free tickets and once Alanis Morissette came to my ticket booth and I totally made her pay. THAT'S for getting "You Oughta Know-Oh!-Oh!-Oh!" stuck in my head all those years.

Other notable shows = Rick from Pile and Yazan at Palisades + Earth at Saint Vitus Bar + Dinowalrus and Granchildren at Union Pool


Friday - August 28, 2015 A.D.

Tamaryn has been smoothly slinging the smoky pop goodness for a few years now. If you haven't seen her play you totally should. She's good. One such opportunity exists tonight at (le) poisson rouge. I hope you take advantage of it, man. Because I believe in the best you.

Maybe you're feeling more like if you don't start dancing you'll BUST. If that's the case, consider seeing Brooklyn's Midnight Magic on the roof of Output tonight and if you dance real good they just might play this big time jam for you from wayyyyy back (what was 2011 even LIKE, mannn?).

Or, if you have a lot of pent up rage that you want to let out and turn it into something beautiful consider seeing So Hideous at Saint Vitus. You'll scream. You'll soar. Your ears will bleed and you'll say why thank you So Hideous and ask this band for more. Listen to this song right quick. It's real intense and dramatic and good although sometimes I worry.

Bird Courage play Rough Trade. Here's my Bird Courage story. One late night a couple (few?) years ago I was waiting for the G train to come and it was taking forever which was great because the empty endless moment afforded me plenty of time to reflect on the really shitty night I was having. And then the dudes in Bird Courage started playing their pleasant pop songs on the platform and for a few minutes before the train finally came it kind of turned my night around. Thus, they get a Best Shows This Week mention. Thanks for that.

Other notable shows = Deradoorian at Trans-Pecos + Cold Fronts at Fulton Stall Market (free) + Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers at Bowery Ballroom


Saturday - August 29, 2015 A.D.

It's that time again. DFA Records will be up to their old tricks by throwing a huge summer rager. This year it's at Good Room with a bunch of DJ sets by bands/artists on their label throughout the night. There will also be a "VERY" special live performance by somebody as of yet unannounced. That VERY in ALL CAPS was a direct quote from the source, man. I don't know who it is. But if you're thinking an LCD Soundsystem reunion can I just say I'd keep thinking, probably? The Rapture could be cool, though. Again, I know nothing. Regardless, this is going to be a fun one for sure because with a name like Summer Hot Dog it's gotta be good!

I already talked this week about Royal Headache (they played Tuesday at Rough Trade, remember?) but I'm going to make the highly unorthodox decision to mention this band again because A). they're playing Palisades tonight and B). they're so good they're worth even more than two mentions and C). this is my music blob and I can do whatever I want. Fun fact. I saw these guys in LA recently and their guitarist was wearing the exact same 1989 Cubs NL Central Division Champions shirt that I had when I was 11. More cool stories like this later!

Solvey is the grand post-goth pop* project of Jessica Zambri (of the fine band Zambri) and her creative collaborator, label partner, and main husband squeeze Noel Heroux (of the fine Hooray For Earth). See her create an epic, carefully constructed sonic world fueled by solid synths and dark beats tonight at Alphaville. Forever young. I want to be forever young. Oh, wait. Wrong Alphaville again.

*post-goth pop represents my best effort, however flawed it may be

Other notable shows = Jawbreaker Reunion at Aviv (relax, that's just the name of the band) + La Luz and EZTV at Bowery Ballroom + Pional at Output


Sunday - August 30, 2015 A.D.

Royal Headache play Saint Vitus tonight (for only 5 bones!). This is my third mention of this fantastic band this week. And I now have nothing else left to give. If I can't convince you to go see these fine Australian punks at least once this week, well, I have failed. I have failed you. FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eskimeaux and Bellows lead a solid (indie)(lo-fi)(whatever you think) pop lineup at Riis Park Beach Bazaar today. Like always, these shows on the beach are free. And not like always, there are only two left this summer. Time passed. I hope you all are real proud of yourselves.

Also, I guess Chris Brown is playing Jones Beach tonight. But you know what? Fuck that guy.

Other notable shows = Mas Ysa at 50 Kent (free) + The Gradients at Palisades + BORNS at The Surf Lodge (free)


Thanks for reading. Now please go out and enjoy the last week of August. Summer is almost over. I hope you all are real proud of yourselves.

*but once again September in NYC is the best the month of the entire Mayan calendar but you didn't hear that twice in the same article from me

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August 27, 2015

We have a pair of tickets to giveaway to see WHISKEY BITCHES with EDITH POP and THE NAKED HEROES at (le) poisson rouge on Saturday, September 5th!

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August 27, 2015

We have a pair of tickets to give away to see WHOMADEWHO with EVVY, presented by Communion, at Baby's All Right on Saturday, September 5th!

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August 27, 2015

We have a pair of tickets to give away to see Acid House pioneers PHUTURE at Output on Thursday, August 27th with DJ Pierre, Nikola Baytala and Turtle Bugg!

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August 27, 2015

We have a pair of tickets to give away to see EL TEN ELEVEN with SEGO at (le) poisson rouge on Wednesday, September 23rd!

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