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Papa, can you hear me?* L.A.'s Papa is the super accessible duo (that means you can sing their songs in the shower) of Darren Weiss (formerly the drummer in Girls (RIP) and, earlier, Dawes) and Daniel Present (he was probably in some other bands too - and you heard that here first, bub).

These two play grand Americana pop - the kind of music meant for listening to while traveling down dusty roads past once vibrant towns whose glory has faded but some good still shines beneath all the decay... like maybe there's a saloon where the characters are hard but honest and fine and courageous and true. Or something like that, anyway. You can probably also listen to Papa while running to the post office or the grocery store or standing around a crowded venue or wherever too. Grand Americana pop is pretty versatile listening (I bet you could even listen to this in Canada).

Also, Weiss' vocals remind me of Roy Orbison meets Jim Croce meets the guy from Urge Overkill. Is that weird? No. It's awesome. It brings good vibes.

Finally, I should note that Papa has a song that's cryptically called, "Let's Make You Pregnant." What do you think that means? If you figure it out, please let me know.

*that's a song from the movie Yentl - I used to watch that movie a lot as a kid - you too? nah... didn't think so... hence, the asterisk explanation.

Published December 05, 2012



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