((Marissa Nadler)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

I sure could have used this the last time I was at Brooklyn Methodist. The next time I go to the doctor for a physical and start to feel super anxious when the kind nurse says, "I just need to take your blood pressure, sweetie" (I'm terrified of a little piece of plastic that gives a gentle squeeze, yet have no problem with long needles), I'm going to pop my ear buds and listen to Boston's Marissa Nadler. I'll push play and oops! there go all my cares, doctor-man!

Nadler sure has a pretty-close-to-perfect soprano that just sounds so dreamy and soothing to the cerebellum. Her gentle acoustic guitar plucks are just like musical codeine, and you don't have to faux-complain of "It's my head, doc, I'm pretty sure they're really bad migraines or something" to get your hands on this sweetness.

If you like quiet songs that could quite possibly be sung by an angel (she may have left something undone here on earth and has to "make it right") then you will really like Marissa Nadler. If you are one of the millions that like Staind... why?
Published March 26, 2009



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